Cold email to increase sales

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    Cold email is a powerful outreach strategy that can help you connect with new customers and generate leads. We help you find & crush your outbound cold email leads.

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    Meaningful emails to drive more deals

    We introduce your business to someone you don’t know and try to build a relationship with them in hopes of eventually turning them into a customer.

    • Client Engagement Platform

    Reach out to the right customers

    Our mission is to make initial contact and generate leads from potential customers. Build relationships with existing and new clients. Customize your communications to offer exactly what they’re looking for.

    Educate them about the product or service, keep them up-to-date on the latest offers, and drive conversions and sales.

    • Messages and Live Chat

    Send & reply to messages from one place

    Email and sales automation keeps all your customer data organized in one platform for easy action.

    • Manage all your inboxes from one place
    • Categorize Interested & Uninterested replies
    • Keep track of all your leads and reply to all
    • AI-Powered Personalized Email

    Easily automate personal contact

    The key is to craft a personalized and compelling message that resonates with your target audiences and to follow up with them consistently to build a relationship and establish trust.

    • Use multiple email addresses
    • Send follow-up emails
    • Verified email list
    • A/B Test your emails
    • Send Essential Cold Emails

    Only pay for the emails you send

    The power of a dedicated cold email specialist at an affordable cost. Our job is to develop and implement a cold email outreach system that generates more sales from hard-to-reach prospects.

    • Personalized newsletters & promotional emails
    • Send out emails at scheduled times, automatically
    • Send emails responsive on mobile devices

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    Good cold email marketing tool

    I recently started using flowto cold email outreach campaigns and have been extremely impressed with the tool. It had saved a ton of time.

    Ellimas Soi
    Absolutely wonderful tool

    It saves so much time. We don't have to upload an excel or a CSV file to the tool, nor have to worry about emailing manually.

    Product Manager
    Easiest tool for sending cold emails

    I've been using flowtofor a few weeks now, and I have to say that I'm impressed. Overall, I'm very happy with it and would recommend it.

    Karen Lynn
    Founder @ Company
    Amazing value and results!

    Efforts and improve their results. The tool is user-friendly, feature-rich and has already helped me achieve better campaign results.

    Alexa Bury
    Digital Marketing Manager
    A Strong Sales Outreach Tool

    This is a great product for anyone looking to generate leads, build a personalized sales outreach with campaigns with simple drag & drop.

    Marketing Manager
    Clean, Simple, and Effective!

    I'm very happy with flowto and it increase in my response rate, i would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Cold Email solution.

    Paul Haq
    Co-founder @ Ecompany